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Mobile payment and shopping cart Solutions for your business

Revomobile specialises in mobile payments and billing, we have been working on Premium SMS billing for the last 5 year and can provide you with a billing solution that can work, we also use PayPal and credit card billing for mobile sites.

Revomobile can build you a mobile commerce site allowing you to commence selling products to users on any mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Customers have the ability to browse, search and purchase products seamlessly, with one click purchasing or using any available payment method.

There are many ways to monetise the global audience of mobile devices. The Revomobile team can provide integration into various configurations oriented towards mobile billing.

The Revomobile Platform supports many of the available mobile billing channels since each one has advantages and disadvantages, allowing Revomobile clients to choose the best fit for their mobile initiative. The Revomobile Platform is capable of providing and managing different types of payments including Premium SMS (PSMS), WAP Billing, Mobile Credit Card Payments, and integration into other payment services such as Paypal, and Bango.

Mobile payment features

  • On-demand PSMS billing for 1-off purchase of downloadable content
  • Subscription Billing/Rebilling for Mobile Content Storefronts and Alert Programs
  • Mobile Credit Card integration for higher-ticket retails items

Revomobile Billing Technology

Mobile CMS

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