Revomobile CMS
Mobile Content Managment Solutions for your business

At the heart of the Revomobile Platform and its web management tools is the Mobile Content Management System (CMS). For clients that operate mobile storefronts, this full featured CMS allows full interaction with all content types. Clients have the ability to add images, text, product images, wallpapers, ringtones, animations, videos, and games in their master file format. The CMS, along with the handset detection technology can present user website that fit the screen size and capability available real-time. Content is manage through a series of organized attributes, such as price or credit value, description, tags and categories, and even location support to block content where a content license was not obtained.

Revomobile CMS features

  • Easy content updating
  • Mobile handset detection
  • Support for smartpones
  • Support for non-smartphone
  • Image resize and rendering
  • Automatic content importing with media library
  • Self updateable
  • Easy support for text, image, video, games, ringtones

Revomobile CMS Technology

Mobile CMS

Revomobile Handset Detection Technology

Mobile CMS


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