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Extend your brand awareness reach while delivering content and information directly to the users handsets.

Revomobile SMS solutions are designed to get you running in minutes, you don't need a big budget to get started and very competitive message rates start as low as .10 cents.

Bulk messages

Bulk sms

Send thousands of sms from your desktop to all your clients, easy to use web based system allows companies to keep in touch with their clients. The Revomobile sms gateway can send messages within Australia and internationally. The system has great delivery rates and delivery stats enabling the success of marketing campaigns to be measured.

SMS Campaign on long and short code ( 2 way sms)

This is when you want to interact with your customers bi-directional. i.e. get a response back from them. This is beneficial when you are running interactive campaigns.

Spam compliance

spam compliance

The team at Revomobile has more than 10 year experience in the mobile industry we have included a free opt out message to comply with the spam act of 2003 this way you do not need to be concerned about it.

Details reporting and analytics


We have in depth reporting and analytics that clients can utilise. This assists in understanding how customers interact with the campaign and removes any dead or unwanted number from the customers database.

Personalise messages

personalised messages

Deliver personalised message on a campaign, use the customer name or other information which is unique to the customer when sending out bulk messages.

Managed and handle large databases online

data management

The Revomobile SMS solution can manage and organise . The client can upload the contacts in bulk and manage them. The system will also help you clean out dead numbers allowing you to reduce data.

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Monetising mobile
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