Revomobile retail solutions
Putting your entire store in the palm of your hand.

Revomobile can offer retail companies mobile strategies that can quickly be deployed and sell products. This could mean a mobile App or a mobile website optimised to target the customer that will combine mobile commerce and payments.


Storefront integration

Revomobile can help its clients to seamlessly integrate with retailers backend system and receive live product and transactional information. This mean the business has the ability to sell products on any mobile device including tablets as well as boosting brand awareness.

Revomobile Retail features include:

  • live product information
  • live transactional information
  • Push notification
  • Rich functionality
  • Combine sms, wap and mobile marketing
  • Mobile commerce options for payments
  • Free details analytics integration
  • Mobile ticketing, coupons and loyalty solutions
  • Device detection and wider reach
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Monetising mobile
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