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With the number of smartphones on the increase thousands of users are searching for products and services with their mobile phone, most companies have websites but most of the traditional websites are not compatible with the mobile phone. This means that these businesses missing out on capturing a new and valuable audience. Businesses should start to consider a mobile marketing strategy and ways to monetise their services and content via this channel. The most cost effective strategy is a mobile site, which can provide useful information about products and services on offer.

When a mobile strategy is considered it's important to think about mobile search capabilities, mobile advertising and monetising these valuable untapped channels. Revomobile can provide your business with a mobile solution that maximisies all of the above, giving your business greater exposure and revenue.

Mobile website features

  • Ability to detect phone model
  • Optimised for screen size
  • Mobile payment via credit cards
  • Mobile payment paypal
  • Retail mobile commerce
  • Mobile search engine
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile ticketing, coupons and loyalty solutions
mobile Websites

What we can offer

Unlike the traditional PC web environment, creating compelling websites in the mobile environment presents a number of unique challenges. With hundreds of different mobile phone browsers and different technologies from Smartphone to legacy devices, as well as the complexity of the screen size and capabilities, sophisticated solutions are required to optimise your customers' mobile experience.

This is where we come in; Revomobile can provide a unique personalised packaged mobile site for your business. We use an in-house developed carrier grade mobile platform, which can detect a mobile handset and deliver an optimised website that works on any handset. Revomobile can also provide clients with a mobile CMS allowing the user to update their own site and content.

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With a projected revenue of over 15 billion by 2013, the mobile space is one your company must be in!
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